AIS Adds New CNC Router Table

Alpha Integrated Solutions has added a new CNC table router. The machine has an 11 HP spindle running up to 25,000 RPM, two 10 HP vacuum blowers, a material window of 60" x 120" x 8" (XYZ), an eight pocket automatic tool changer to speed production versus manual tool changing, a tool touch-off to speed project set-up with accuracy of tool cutting. Designs are created with Solidworks, VCarve Pro, and VisualMill for Solidworks. We process MDF, acrylic, laminated MDF, machinable wax and Ren Shape 450 and Delrin for prototyping.

 Alpha Integrated Solutions CNC Router Table

 CNC Router Table with 11 HP Spindle, and 8 Pocket Tool Changer.

 CNC 11 HP Spindle

 CNC Router Table with 11 HP Spindle and Dust Hood.

CNC 10 HP Vacuum Pumps

 CNC Router Table, Note the Two 10 HP Blowers for Vacuum Hold Down.

CNC Tool Touch-Off

 CNC Router Table Showing the Tool Touch-Off for Quicker Set-Up.