Rapid Prototype

Rapid Prototyping Increases Value and Reduces Costs

Alpha Integrated Solutions offers cost-effective rapid prototyping services for countless industries and applications. Our mechanical engineers utilize the best prototyping tools on the market, producing durable, high quality parts in a short amount of time. Rapid prototyping uses CAD technology to create solid, 3D test models of parts, ensuring functionality before the product is released. Often called additive manufacturing, machines add material to the product rather than strip it away.  Some common industries using rapid prototyping include automotive, aviation, electronics and housewares.

The rapid prototyping process takes digital cross-sections from CAD files, creating printing guidelines for the machines. The raw material is then deposited on the build platform, bonding and fusing multiple layers until the model is finished. This method is technologically efficient, eliminating the need for cutting and drilling. Companies save time, material waste and thousands of dollars in production costs by using rapid prototyping. Creating the model takes between a few hours or a few days, depending on the method, the size and complexity. 

Rapid Prototyping Materials

Rapid prototyping includes a series of additive production methods used to create models and product samples. Our engineers utilize raw materials from scratch to build layers until the product is finished. The following methods are the most popular ways to complete a rapid prototyping model.

• Rubber- soft black or rigid gray 
• Rigid Opaque in variety of colors
• Polypropylene- recommended for hinges, snap-fits and closures
• High Temperature- heat damage resistance for air and water flow

Rapid prototyping is faster, lower cost and more flexible than traditional injection molding when working with small quantities of parts and concept models. Our experienced engineers at AIS are here to help our customers choose the best method depending on the industry, application and budget.

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