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Design and Engineering to Meet Your Product Needs

Engineering design involves strong scientific expertise and attention to detail to ensure products turn out as they should. The Alpha Integrated Solutions team is highly skilled at designing and developing machinery, product models and equipment for many industries. Our CAD designers work hard from research to production stages on all projects, ensuring smooth and timely completion. Our design engineers are trained in numerous processes and programs to serve industries ranging from consumer electronics, autos, construction and manufacturing.

Our product development technicians use innovative CAD software to create a blueprint with product measurements, lines, curves and other details. Blueprinting is the first design stage, serving as a brainstorming session for how the product should look and work. We next create schematics or scale models with internal parts and other technical specifications which best fit the application. Our QA managers use cutting-edge technology to find product errors before final production. For decades, product design engineers have conceptualized projects from start to finish with incredible accuracy. Trust none other than the design engineers at Alpha Integrated Solutions for quality product design.

Rapid Prototyping
Our design technicians often recommend prototyping, also known as additive manufacturing as a part of product development. Prototyping is an additive service used to further test the effectiveness of a product model, eliminating extra errors and discovering opportunities for improvement. Our prototyping services are cost-effective and performed with precision, reducing long-term maintenance costs.  Our mechanical engineers are trained in many prototyping technologies and methods, and will help clients decide whether prototyping is beneficial.

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